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[slidershow order= »ASC » orderby= »menu_order » show_caption= »yes » show_desc= »yes »]

  • Order: (string) (Optional) ASC or DESC.
  • Orderby: (string) (Optional) The default is « menu_order ». « RAND » (random) is also supported.
  • Id : (string) specify the post ID. The gallery will display images which are attached to that post.
  • Show Caption : (string) Yes, No.
  • Show Description : (string) Yes, No.
  • Include : (string) comma separated attachment IDs, [slidershow include= »23,39,45″] will show only the images from these attachments.
  • Exclude : (string) comma separated attachment IDs, [slidershow exclude= »21,32,43″] excludes the images from these attachments.

[br top= »30″]

[slidershow order="ASC" orderby="menu_order" show_caption="yes" show_desc="yes"]

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